SPEARS  AC & Heating
If your thinking about hiring a non-licensed contractor ask your self "why doesn't he have his license?"
the state's requirements are.

1. Pass a criminal background check. most crimes will NOT disqualify a person, what the state is looking for are.
    a. Violent crimes
    b. Sex crimes
    c. Burglary 
2. an Applicant must have five years experience, some guys think they have it all figured out after a few months on the job.
    I'm still learning after 20 years.
3. if both 1 & 2 check out then the next step is to pay $90 and take the state contractors exam, It's an open book test and all one
    needs to pass is a 70%  (easy)
4. the final requirement is that the newly licensed contractor must carry a minimum of one million dollars in liability insurance.
    if your thinking "it must be expensive".. it's not, Spears AC pays about $200 per month for $2,000,000 in coverage.
not all un-licensed contractors are bad, but accidents do happen and even the good guys might have a problem coming up with the 
$5,000 - $10,000 to repair any fire or water damage caused by a simple mistake..... or what if it was the cost of your entire home?

In my twenty years of working in the AC service industry I've come to learn that you can't please everyone all the time...  
there will always be people out there who for what ever reason can't be pleased and unfortunately now & then one of these people decide to call me.
believe it or not there are some crazy and un-rational 
people living among us.
It's true I've seen it with my own two eyes. 
my crazy person radar has gotten better over the years but still sometimes one slips by un-detected until it's too late...

our liability insurance provider (Kemah branch)