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our average service invoice is $200 less than most companies

Don't throw your hard earned money away.  
CALL US for a FREE Quote or 2nd opinion.
Call me and see for your self why I get 4/5
of the jobs that I bid on. 
I've got 20 years experience working in the HVAC industry.  after almost ten years of working for some of the biggest AC companies in the Houston area 
I decided to go into business on my own in 2007. 

below are some of the reasons why my prices are lower than my competitors.
I don't have a fleet of vehicles to keep going.
I don't have a big expensive shop to pay for.
I don't have dozens of employees on the payroll.
I don't pay for over priced advertising.​ 
Basically I don't have to sweat coming up with TENS of THOUSAND​ of dollars each and every month...     JUST TO STAY AFLOAT!!! 

I do most service calls myself. not a tech who's paid commission 
so he's motivated to make as much money as possible off each call.

We do top quality work at very reasonable rates. I always tell my install crew to take their time and do a neat & thorough job regardless how long it takes "Quality before Quantity" 

We always do top rate work done the right way, all at a below average price. Call us today and see why so many people refer us to all they're
friends & family.

Owner, Technician, Secretary, Salesman.....  Steve Spears

Before you spend thousands of your hard earned dollars on any AC or heating repair or install call me first.
I give free quotes and 2nd opinions and regularly save my customers thousands of dollars.
We accept credit cards.
Discounted SERVICE
calls to all below:
Law enforcement
Fire Fighters
Senior citizens
Religious organizations

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            Steve S.

Our price for a new AC & Heating system is typically $1,000 to $3,000 less than most companies prices, for the exact same or better job.