SPEARS AC & Heating      (832)420-2665

(832)420-2665 has been my primary business line for 3 years it's okay to call and/or text 24/7

(832)340-6683 my personal cell for +/- 8 years it is okay to call but preferably not to text.

(832)425-7416 is my original # from 2006 till 2014, this number does not receive texts, only calls because it is permanently forwarded. 

(832)769-0618 belongs to a third party who built another website for me. This # is tracked and also permanently forwarded.. no texts 
If its 95 degrees outside and your AC will not cool your house below 75 please click the link below.

Most AC systems are designed to cool a home 20 degrees cooler than the outside temp so 
if your old AC would cool your home 25 degrees colder than it was outside this means your old system was probably over sized and now there's a chance you have mold in your ducting.

mailing address       PO Box 3066
                                League City, Tx.
​If I don't answer the phone right away please try again in a few minutes or text me. I personally answer all incoming calls so sometimes I have my hands full or maybe I'm talking to another customer.. I don't have an answering service.
email address.....
​If I don't answer the phone please wait a minute and call me back and/or text me.... Here's a list of my #'s
    Click below to pay your invoice.     afterwards please text me so that I 
can update my records.... Thank you
for questions about billing please call / text
Betty (832)285-6878